"The setting is the surrounding for the action of the story. The setting could change from one place to another as the story goes on"

Amos Cosmetic factory in New Jersey, USA 
Anna works as a chemist designing new perfumes here. When she makes a new perfume with a little piece of fruitcake as part of the ingredients, she attracts her rich and handsome boss, David Amos, who has little regard for ordinary people.  

Anna, the main character, lives with her mother at home. Her aunt Mimi is a frequent visitor to the house. Anna is single and the two women in her life are constantly reminding her that she should find herself a husband.

French restaurant 
It is an expensive place for food and drinks. David Amos brought her here for their dinner date. The hilarious incident during which David Amos and the waiter react to the captivating perfume Anna uses, takes place here.
Both David and the waiter try to win Anna‟s love and they fight over her here. 

Aunt Mimi’s apartment
Aunt Mimi lives in a nice little apartment on the other side of town. She wants to help Anna find a suitable husband.