"A character in a literary work can be a person, an animal, a non-entity or even a supernatural being. The number of persons in a short story is usually small. The personality traits of the important characters, their appearance, actions and ideas are usually portrayed"


Anna works as a chemist in the Amos Cosmetics factory in New Jersey. Her job is to design new perfumes. Anna is single and lives with her mother. Her mother and Aunt Mimi are worried she is not getting married. Anna is very aware of what goes on around her and quite a discerning character. She knows that David Amos is not possibly in love with her nor is the waiter at the restaurant. She recognizes that it is the result of the powerful perfume she has created.


An important minor character is David Amos. He is the owner of Amos Cosmetics. David Amos is a dark, handsome and fashionable gentleman who is often seen with beautiful women. He appears polite but he actually  does not think much of his workers.

Aunt Mimi, is pleasant but she also likes to mind other people's business. She is constantly trying to find a suitable partner for her niece. She gives some fruitcake to Anna.

A beautiful young model who is David Amos' girlfriend. She looks down on Anna and is furious when David professes his love for an ordinary and plain-looking girl like Anna. David and her offer compensation to Anna in the form of money to forget the whole incident at the French Restaurant.

He is the pizza delivery boy. He provides the perfect contrast to David Amos. Armstrong, through effort and determination, grows from a mere pizza delivery man to become the owner of the pizza company. He wants to make a success of himself before he declares his love for Anna.

Anna's mother is naturally anxious that her daughter is still single. Right from the beginning, she believes that Armstrong, the pizza delivery man, would make a good husband for Anna. Thus turns out to be right, at the end.

He works in a French Restaurant. He adds humour and comedy to the story by the way he behaves towards Anna when under the spell of the fruitcake perfume.

She used to sell fruitcake in the market. Nobody knows much about her except for Aunt Mimi. She had seven husbands who ate her magical fruitcakes. She seemed to have been able to read people's mind and had offered the cake to Aunt Mimi for her niece. She dies early in the story.