"A Sequence Of Events In The Story. It is the storyline which has a beginning, middle and end. The story could have a major conflict or several conflicts which will build up to the climax or high point of the story and be resolved at the end. Often the ending is unexpected, creating the twist in the story. The story usually develops along the line as shown in the graph"

EXPOSITION (how the story starts)
Anna is a chemist who designs perfumes. she is single and this worries her mother and aunt.

RISING ACTION (conflict takes place when the characters disagree or things go wrong in the lives of the characters)
Anna makes a perfume adding some fruitcake into it.the perfume becomes magical, making men crazy over Anna when she uses it. Amos, her boss, smells it and invites her on a date. Anna accepts the date.

CLIMAX (the peak of the story)
The scene in the restaurant is hilarious with Amos and the waiter declaring their love for Anna. A fight breaks out.

Amos tells Anna it was all a mistake. Anna pours fruitcake perfume on Sabina, Amos' girlfriend for being so nasty. Anna leaves Amos Cosmetics.

ENDING (how the story ends)
Armstrong, the pizza man, declares his love for her. Anna has found her man!